About Twin Cities Gallery

Twin Cities Gallery was founded by Victoria Friedrich, a local Real Estate agent with Lakes Area Realty. TCG is an online art gallery with no physical location.  However, Pop-up Art Shows combined with Open Houses are a way to see the art in person.  During COVID, these Pop-Up’s have been put on hold.

​The Twin Cities is a hotbed for creativity and is ranked as one of the Hottest Art Cities in the country.  

One of Victoria’s missions when starting Twin Cities Art Gallery was to connect local artists with local homeowners that are looking for original art for their homes.  Victoria is closely connected to the Twin Cities art scene. This is a great resource for collectors to find the latest trends in the Twin Cities art scene.

​Twin Cities Gallery takes no fees for the connection.  100% of all art transaction goes to the artist. The artists involved in our TCG community have agreed to donate back 10% of the transaction to Victoria’s current local charity.

Victoria's Local Charity

Ziggy’s Art Bus


“We love hard and we make memories.”

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

 Pablo Picasso