Derrik Gagliardi

“My paintings are exploratory.  While I paint to give life to my idea for an image, I also remain half without expectation, responsive to a new opportunity, beholden to intuition and faithful that in the beginning stages, my best and biggest messes will invite discovery. 

For me, painting is much more than simply a way to duplicate a vision – it is a way to intensify a relationship with the place”

“My subjects in these works are places I’ve been.  The paintings begin in the field or from photographs I’ve taken and end in the studio where I work mostly from a memory connection.  Thus the pieces are more mindscapes than they are landscapes. 

To paint is to follow the mystery joyfully watching the pieces emerge on the paper.  I work initially with oil-pastel adding other mixed media, graphite, colored pencil, chalk, tempera paint, etc. all at the suggestion of the muse.  

To consider a work complete, I have to trust that it performs with honesty in the way in which it represents my occasion in that landscape, both real and imagined.  Finally,  it has to be beautiful to me.”